Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Statement kul 2.25am

aku dapat dari page - AGAINST "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!"

dari Afiq Khalil

When u attack Black people,they call it racism.
When u attack Jewish people,they call it anti-semetism.
When u attack women,they call it sexism.
When u attack homosexuality,they call it intolerance.
When u attack a Country, they call it treason.
When u attack a religious sect,they call it hate.
When they attack the Prophet Mohammed,they call it freedom of speech?

(make it your status if you care)

ini sebab posting dari page against tu

Facebook is banning pages created by Muslims against Jews. (“May 20 – Everybody Ridicule & Draw Holocaust Day”)

In this example, Facebook banned a Page with-in 20 minutes of its reporting by jews. Facebook has not removed the blasphemous page from the website. i.e. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! despite the protest of a large number of Muslims.

*xtawu betol ke tak baru 20minit dah di-mati-kan sebab aku tgk '16 hours ago'

aku tawu dorang memang kurang ajar..


nabila said...

awk..ade fb kan..join ni...

yang cari pasal tu sume orang yg sgt2 insecure dgn agame dorg sendir..dah goyah dgn agame sndri nk kacau agame org...

esofagus said...

thanks.. :)

yup dorang mmg hampeh..